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Thousands of kinds of materials for communication systems



Supplying Turkey, the Middle-East, Pakistan, Russia & the CIS Republics through our locations in Turkey and in Germany.

We are supplying and giving technical support for a wide range of equipment, devices and materials for electronic communications technology using RF, copper cable, fiber optics and IP infrastructure.

Being authorized distributor for Turkey for all products in our portfolio, we are importing them directly. Our company has been established in 1988.

During material and supplier selection for our portfolio, we give primary importance to quality, durability of their products and the reliability of the manufacturer itself. We maximize the price-performance ratio. All our products are the best examples of the worldwide selection, which we can reach. There may be cheaper alternatives elsewhere.

For selected items, we are organizing free of charge introductory seminars. For all our products we offer after-sales training, installation and set-up services with reasonable prices. We handle warranty and after-warranty repairs in our service lab, calibrations at the manufacturer premises for all equipment we are supplying.

  • Test and measuring instruments for electronic device production and communication technologies
  • Materials, tools and measuring devices for fiber-optic cabling
  • Cables, connectors and connectivity units for structured cabling for office and industrial use
  • TV broadcasting and studio equipment, cables, connectors, measuring devices
  • Headends and distribution networks for SMATV, CATV systems
  • Systems and all components of OTT, Web-TV, IPTV, Video-over-IP, Live-streaming-over-satellite applications, turnkey system implementations
  • Cables, cable assemblies, connectors, microwave equipment, soldering tools for high-end electronic communications device production
  • Elektronics training kits and equipment
  • Engineering, calibration, training, installation, operation, consulting, expertise services

since 1999

we are the authorized stocking distributor of the complete cable product line, for Turkey.

since 2001

we are the authorized distributor, sales and training center for Turkey.

SRM 3006

since 2004

we are the authorized distributor, sales and technical support center for Turkey.

since 2005


we are the authorized distributor, sales and technical support center for Turkey.

Telegartner RJ45 connector

since 2005

we are the authorized distributor, sales and technical support center for Turkey.

since 1989


we are the authorized distributor, sales and service center for Turkey.

since 2005

we are the authorized stocking distributor, sales and service center for Turkey.

Pioneering applications of advanced communications technologies

  • 12G-SDI Cables
  • 12G-SDI Connectors
  • 12G-SDI IPTV Streamer
  • 12G-SDI PCI Interface Cards
  • 12G-SDI to HDMI Converter
4K Ultra HD
  • 4K UHD Capture Card
  • 4K UHD IPTV Set-Top Box
  • Broadcast Encoder
  • 4K UHD Pattern Generator
  • Baseband SDI Recording
  • SDI to HDMI Converter
  • HDMI Up-Converter
  • 4K UHD Installation Cable
  • 4K UHD BNC Cable
  • HDMI, DisplayPort Cable
  • IPTV Headend equipment
  • IPTV Encoder & Streamer
  • IPTV Decoder
  • IPTV Set-Top Box
  • Transcoder
  • Headend Multiswitch
  • Mosaic Generator
  • Monitoring Equipment
  • Field Strength Meter & TV Analyzer
  • DVB Headend equipment
  • Modulator
  • IRD
  • DVB-C/T/T2 Set-Top Box
  • Transcoder
  • Headend Multiswitch
  • Mosaic Generator
  • Monitoring Equipment
  • Field Strength Meter & TV Analyzer
  • Dual 10GbE PCIe network interface
  • Cat.6A, Cat.7, Cat.7A, Cat.8 Ethernet cable
  • Ethernet connectivity devices
  • RJ45 Connector
  • BELDEN PoE Cable
  • TELEGÄRTNER PoE RJ45 Connector
  • BLANKOM PoE IPTV Encoder, Decoder
  • HEVC (H265) IP Streaming Encoder
  • HEVC IPTV Set-Top Box
  • DVB/IP Gateway with Transcoder
  • IP/IP Transcoder
  • HEVC Professional Receiver (IRD)
  • HEVC Field Strength Meter & TV Analyzer
  • HEVC Offline Analyzer Software

Selective and broadband measurements between 9 kHz – 6 GHz with SRM

Electric field (E-field) and Magnetic field (H-field) measurements

Ultra fast spectrum analyzer with 12 GHz/sec scanning speed

The only portable spectrum analyzer worldwide, capable of operating in high level electromagnetic fields

Narda FieldMan

With Narda FieldMan, the full band between 0 Hz – 90 GHz can be measured

Broadband Electric (E-field) and Magnetic field (H-field) measurements

20 different types of probes

The electromagnetic field measurement device which determines the standards worldwide

Personal safety EMF measuring equipment

Personal monitors, worn on the person.

The devices monitor the electromagnetic fields and warn of excessive field strengths, e.g. when working on industrial equipment, broadcasting or mobile phone stations, radar installations or other sources of electromagnetic radiation.

Occupational health and workplace safety measurements

Measuring devices fully compatible with the required measurements according to the  EU Workers Directive 2013/35

Area Monitoring: Measuring stations and measuring sytems

Continuous environmenta monitoring systems for the frequency range of 20Hz … 90GHz.

Various solutions for indoor and outdoor monitoring.

iptvEverything you need for IPTV, Web TV, OTT, Video-over-IP applications

Tested and fully compatible IPTV device sets. The widest selection in Turkey. Application support, training. Large reference list.

iptvIP-Encoders for IPTV, OTT, Video-over-IP applications

Portable IP Encoders from IRENIS

Affordable, durable, long lasting, very stable operating IP encoders. Bestselling IP encoders in Turkey.

H264 and HEVC (H265) models with Analog, SDI, HDMI inputs

YouTube Live Streaming compatible models: IRENIS HDE-264, HDE-265, ADE-264, SDE-264, SDE-265

iptvIPTV Headend (DVB/IP Gateway)

512 channels FTA from 16 transponders: BLANKOM IGS-900

48 channels FTA or scrambled from 4 transponders: BLANKOM IGS-700

128 channels FTA from 8 transponders: BLANKOM IGS-800

40 channels FTA from 12 transponders, with transcoder: DVEO Gearbox-II

We have more than 200 operating IPTV headend devices in Turkey!

iptvIRENIS IPTV Set-Top Box

Suitable for Web TV (OTT), Hotel IPTV, Local IPTV on LAN, Ka-band internet over satellite transmission

They can operate without external IPTV middleware server

HEVC (H265) decoding model available

WLAN network access optional

iptvLive broadcast over internet

Point to point live video transmission between fixed or mobile locations (Video-over-IP)

For permanent or temporary use

Models for use on leased VPN connections

Affordable, durable, long lasting, very stable working IRENIS models. Fully professional INTINOR systems.

HDTV Video, Audio, Camera, Microphone cables

Coaxial video (HDTV compatible)
Twisted video (Videotwist)
Analog Audio
Digital Audio (AES/EBU)
Microphone and musical instruments
Camera (Triax)
Camera (Fiber Optic)

Ex stock or with short delivery terms. Commonly used models are also sold in desired lengths.

Everything needed for transition from COAX to IP within the studio and transmission

Satellite → IP: DVB/IP Gateway
ASI → IP: ASI/IP Gateway
SDI → IP: IP Encoder
IP → IP: Transcoder
IP → ASI: IP/ASI Gateway
IP → HDMI: IPTV Set-Top Box
Transport Stream (TS) analysis
TS player software
TS multiplex software
IP monitoring and mosaic screen
IPTV analyzer
GigE IP PCIe card for PC
Cable and cabling materials

H264 and MPEG-2 Encoder with IP and ASI output

Broadcast quality H264 and MPEG-2 Encoders for signal contribution to satellite and platform operators incl. Turksat.

SDI input, IP output. ASI output also available.

Several input alternatives, professional design, excellent signal quality parameters, reasonable price.

Broadcast engineers indispensable!  new

DekTec DTU-245B ASI/SD-SDI input+output adapter tool. Now the B model with updated hardware and firmware is on sale.

DekTec’s classic and iconic portable ASI adapter for USB bus. Still a best seller and still an essential tool for every DTV engineer!

Convenient, compact adapter for capturing, analyzing, monitoring and generating, ASI and SD-SDI digital-video streams. On-site recording and analysis of MPEG-2 transport streams

  • DAB+ Broadcast Systems
  • Data Server
  • EDI-ETI Interface Converter
  • Audio Encoder
  • DAB+ Monitoring and Analysis Products
  • DAB+ Field Monitor
  • DAB+ Multiplex Supervisor
  • Voice Break-in System for DAB+ in Road Tunnels
  • Audio Processor
  • NICAM Encoder

Test and Measuring Equipment

Interference and Direction Analyzer NARDA IDA2

Light, portable signal analyzer for detecting, analyzing and localizing RF signals and interference from 9kHz up to 6GHz
Interference suppression of cellular communications installations (2G/3G/4G)
Tracing interference caused by industrial equipment
Securing communications at major events
Locating interference sources / jammers
Monitoring radio frequencies and frequency bands and tracing signals in security applications

Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial-TV and IPTV Analysers

From PROMAX the world’wide most advanced, 6th generation TV/Satellite Analyzers: RANGER Neo 3, RANGER Neo 2, RANGER Neo+, RANGER Neo Lite, HD RANGER Ultralite, HD RANGER Eco


4K UHD (Ultra HD) Pattern Generator

ShibaSoku TG4000 UHD test generator

Generation of 4K signals (3840x2160p and 4096x2160p) from 4x 3G-SDI.

From ShibaSoku, one of the world’s most advanced video measurement device manufacturers.

Spectrum Analysers

Portable and bench-type spectrum analysers from PROMAX

NARDA NRA series 9 kHz-6 GHz Remote Spectrum Analyzers with receiver characteristics

Fiber Optic Measurement: OTDR, Optical Power Meter, PON-Meter, Laser Source, Visible Light Source

Well priced, durable, long-lasting, PACIFIC and PROMAX fiber optic measurement equipment

RF Connectors, RF Cable

50Ω and 75Ω Coaxial Cable

Rg58, H1000, RG213, 7810A …

H121, H123, H125, PRG11, COAX3 …

Rg59, RG6, RG11

Compression type connectors

Individually assembled RF cables

telegartnerWith the COAX configurator from Telegärtner you can design RF cables with coaxial connectors individually and add cable protection, labelling and cable length according to your requirments. The cables are manufactured and tested in Germany. Delivery time 4 weeks max.

Premium quality RF cables for Measuring and Testing


“TestLine” is a comprehen-sive product programme for various measuring and test jobs. High quality RF test cables which meet the highest demands regarding attenuation, phase stability and life endurance are an essential part of this product line.

50Ω and 75Ω BNC cables


50 Ohm and 75 Ohm BNC cables assemblies

Various lengths, excellent quality/performance ratio

Imported from Germany

BNC connector Mini HD-BNC connector TNC connector N connector UHF connector Mini-UHF connector FME connector QLS connector SMA connector SMB connectors, SMC connector, SMS Connector
SSMB connector MCX connector MMCX connectors SMP connector 1.6/5.6 connectors 7-16 (DIN) connector 4.3-10 connector Reverse-reverse polarized connector po larised Connectors Professional F-connector Ph connector
SSMB MCX MMCX SMP 1.6/5.6 7-16 (DIN) 4.3/10 Reverse Polarized F pH

Fiber Optics

Optical fiber cable

  • Central loose tube cables
  • Multi loose tube cables
  • Breakout cables
  • Tactical cables



Optical fiber cable

  • Central loose tube cables
  • Multi loose tube cables
  • Cable assemblies (patchcords)


Optical Splicer (Fusion Splicer)

The only fusion splicer manufactured in Europe: Easysplicer

Made in Sweden

Optical Splicer (Fusion Splicer)

Economical and durable: PACIFIC

Fiber Optic Measurement: OTDR, Power Meter, PON-Meter, Laser Source, Visible Light Source

Well priced, durable, long-lasting, PACIFIC and PROMAX fiber optic measurement equipment

fiber-optic-adaptor Patchpanel_100 Protelfiber additional box Protelfiber fiber optic underground box Distribution_TightBuffer_80 pacific_pa3000_y80 pacific_pa3209_y80 takim_80
Fiber Optic Patch Cord Pigtail Adaptor Patch Panel Splice Box Dome type closure Fiber Optic Cable Fusion Splicer Fiber Optic Measuring Instrument Fiber Installation Tool
Gif_fo_konnektor Gif_RJ45_acikhava Gif_fo_baglanti Gif_fo_MPO_MTB Gif_fo_ek_kutusu Gif_fo_patch_panel Gif_fo_dagitim_kutusu Gif_fo_priz
Fiber Optic Connector Pigtail Fiber Optic Patch Cord Fiber opti
c (outdoor)
Fiber Op
Fiber Optic
Splice Box Fiber Optic
Patch Panel
Fiber Optic
Distribution Box
Fibre Optic

Network (LAN) Structured Cabling, Industrial Data Communications

Telegartner MFP8 RJ45 Konnektör

Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7, Cat7A, Cat8
RJ45 PoE Connectors

TELEGÄRTNER MFP8 series RJ45 PoE Connectors

The MFP8 connector series is the ideal solution for all applications with transmission rates up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet.

In just 60 seconds, they can be connected to all common cable types without special tools.

Network (LAN) Cables

Cat 5e
Cat 6
Cat 6A
Cat 7
Cat 7A
Installation type, flexible patch
Field type (tactical), outdoor, underground
RGB video
IBM type cables

Industrial Automation, Bus

Industrial ethernet
Foundation Fieldbus
Profibus PA
Coax Ethernet
CANopen RS-485
Controlnet (ControlBus)
Twinaxial, Devicenet.

Military Use MIL-SPEC

MIL-C, MIL-W, QQ, QQ-W, M16878, MIL-DTL cable,

Aircraft and Marine, field type (tactical)

Heavy duty conditions for fiber optic

IRENIS Ethernet Network Kablosu RJ45 patch cord

Cat.6, Cat.7, Cat.8 Patchcord

Ethernet Patch Cords with RJ45 Connectors
Various lengths
10 different colors
Imported from Germany
High quality, high performance, reasonable price

Gif_RJ45_end Gif_RJ45_saha


Gif_RJ45_IP20 Gif_keystone_jack Gif_RJ45_priz Gif_RJ45_IP20_priz Gif_patch_panel Gif_end_panel
Rj45 Patch Cord Industrial RJ45Patch Cord RJ45 (field) RJ45 (outdoor) RJ45 (IP20) Keystone Jack RJ45 socket RJ45 (Ip44) socket Patch Panel Industrial Panel

GOOT is the most preferred brand of Taiyo, the market leader of the electronics industry in Japan for soldering products, with 60 per cent share of Japan’s domestic market. Technological superiority manifests itself in all products of the company.

Soldering and service stations

High quality soldering irons

SMT Rework stations

Hot air pencil

Newest arrivals