10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE, 10 GigE) structured cabling


  • Cat.6 A, Cat.7, cat.7 the installation cable
  • Cat.6 A, Cat.7 Ethernet patch cable
  • Patch panel
  • RJ45 Connector
  • Keystone
  • PCIe 10GbE network interface card
  • Ethernet connectors

Dual-port 10Gbe Network İnterface Card

DekTec DTA-2165

Dektec DTA-2165

New generation IP video interface card.
10 uncompressed formats besides all IPTV also supports Gigabit Ethernet speeds thanks to the raw video signal.

10GbE NETWORK Products

Structured Cabling Belden

Belden yapısal kablolama

Belden 10GX series all support 10 Gigabit Ethernet structured cabling products in our sales program.

Shielded or unshielded, all supporting 10GbE:

  • Belden Cat.6A, Cat.7 Cable
  • Belden Patch-Cable
  • Belden Keystone
  • Belden Patch panel

10 GbE Compatible Cable Cat6A

10GXE series BELDEN
Belden 10GXE01 10GXE02 kablo

Cat6A 10 GbE networking cables Belden

10 Gigabit Ethernet
Advanced Category 6A
LSNH (halogen)
625 MHz  • DataTwist • 23 AWG • LSNH

Three different models:

  • Belden 10GXE01   F/ FTP
  • Belden 10GXE02  S/ FTP
  • Belden 10GXE00  F/ UTP

10 GbE compatible cable Cat6A

Mobile field cable

Belden seyyar (tactical) saha kablosu
  • Cat 6 S / FTP structure
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet speeds
  • Adherent-pair twisted inner conductor, resistant outer coating
  • Each type of portable, convenient to use the data in the field
  • Unshielded and shielded twisted pair structure

1302 Belden
1303 Belden 1303EP Belden

10 GbE compatible cable Cat7

Belden BE43802 Cat7 kablo
  • 10 GbE data rate
  • rugged industrial cables for the heavy and difficult conditions
  • High temperature (-40 ° C to + 90 ° C)
  • Halogen
  • Flame and oil resistant
  • Low bending radius

Belden BE43802

10 GbE patchcords

IRENIS CAT6a, CAT7, CAT8 series

IRENIS Ethernet Network Patch Cord

IRENIS Cat6a, Cat7, Cat8 patchcords

10 Gigabit Ethernet
Category 7
S/FTP (+foil mesh screen)
625Mhz 26AWG LSNH

10 GbE  RJ45 connector compatible


Telegartner J00026A2001

TELEGARTNER RJ45 connector

10 Gigabit Ethernet
Cat 7A, Cat 7, Cat 6A, Cat 6, Cat 5 cables used with
FTP ve UTP cables used with
push in (in the field can be installed using any pliers)

10 GbE compatible RJ45 keystone jack


Telegartner AMJ-S

TELEGARTNER RJ45 keystone jack

10 Gigabit Ethernet
Cat 7A, Cat 7, Cat 6A, Cat 6, Cat 5e cables are used with
available by FTP and UTP cables

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