• Low frequency EMF measuring devices, broadband and selective, simulation software
  • High frequency EMF measuring devices, broadband and selective, simulation software
  • Personal EMF monitors
  • Surveillance monitors
  • EMC measuring instrument, including  test equipment for measuring the electromagnetic compatibility of devices (EMC) under Narda’s PMM brand name
  • Spectrum analyzers with remote access
  • Portable signal analyzer for radio monitoring and interference analysis
NARDA Safety Test Solutions is the global leader in the development and production of measuring equipment for electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields, owning more than 95% of all published patents for measuring such fields. We are a highly innovative company that regularly develops new measuring devices in the form of hand-held testers, remote-controlled measuring stations, and safety equipment.

PROTEL is working with NARDA for Turkey since 2001, being the sole distributor of NARDA for Turkey and some neighbour countries.

High Frequency EMR Measurement

The Narda Broadband Field Meter NBM-550 is a compact hand held device for measuring electric and magnetic fields. It is also equipped with a data logger function for storing the measurement results. It delivers extremely accurate results for electromagnetic field strength measurements.

The Narda Broadband Field Meter NBM-520 is a very compact hand held device for measuring electric and magnetic fields. The simplest possible operation with just four buttons.

High Frequency EMR Measurement and Analysis


Frequency selective hand held field strength measuring system for rapid and reliable safety assessments with e.g. separate recording of mobile communications channels of different providers and worst case evaluation through decoding of control signals in UMTS and LTE.

SRM-3006 has become established as the standard instrument for these tasks. It provides the user with automatic evaluations taking various human safety standards into account directly in the instrument, together with a specified overall measurement uncertainty, making error-prone and complicated calculations unnecessary.

Low Frequency EMR Measurement


Measure magnetic fields in compliance with EN or IEC standards

Measuring instrument for assessing the safety of human exposure to radiation in magnetic fields and for acceptance testing of electrically operated equipment according to the CE standard IEC/EN 62233 (formerly EN 50366), Generic Standard IEC 62311 as well as ICNIRP 1998 and ICNIRP 2010. Direct evaluation of field exposure in comparison with major standards and regulations such as EMF Directive 2013/35/EU for workplaces.

Low Frequency EMR Measurement and Analysis

narda ehp 50f

Compact field analyzer
Isotropic measurement of electric and magnetic ELF fields

Frequency selective FFT measuring system with high dynamic range for electric and magnetic fields from 1 Hz to 400 kHz. Sensors in all three spatial directions deliver isotropic results for selective and wideband measurements.

Low & High Frequency EMR Measurement Set

One Set FOR ALL!
All applications, all frequencies, with just one set of equipment

• NBM-550
• EHP-50F
• EF0691
• Tripod

Attractive combined package
Measurements can be made in practically all frequency ranges
(from 1 Hz up to 6 GHz) with the NBM-550 combined with
the EHP-50F and probe EF0691. Up to 60 GHz is possible with
optional probes.

Personal Protection

RadMan is worn on the body and emits a loud warning signal when 50% of the maximum permitted flux density is exceeded. An earphone can be attached so the signal can be heard even in very noisy environments. Four LEDs indicate the electromagnetic radiation flux density in stages of 12.5 %, 25 %, 50 % and 100 %.

Nardalert S3 is worn on the body and gives visible, audible and vibratory warning when the electric field power density approaches or exceeds the permitted limit. The warning thresholds are user settable. Different sensor modules that can be exchanged on site are available for for various human safety standards.

Electromagnetic Radiation Monitoring

AMB-8059: Broadband Area Monitor covering the whole band from 10 Hz up to 40 GHz.

AMS-8061: Selective Area Monitor 100 kHz to 6 GHz with separate monitoring of up to 20 frequency bands

Surveillance Monitor and Warning Devices

SMARTS-II: Area Monitor that can be installed on ceilings and walls, with automatic frequency response evaluation according to a selected standard.

NBM-580 collects the measurement values from up to eight spatially distributed measurement stations, records them continuously, and triggers alarms if limit values are exceeded.

Field Measurement  in Industrial Environment

The Narda Industrial Meter NIM is a complete measuring system with combined E and H field probe for simultaneous measurement of electric and magnetic fields on equipment operating at ISM frequencies.

NIM-511, calibrated at the 13.56 MHz ISM frequency, covers a wide frequency range of industrial equipment.
NIM-513, calibrated at 27.12 MHz, is particularly suitable for measurements at this commonly used ISM frequency.

Microwave Oven Survey System

NARDA 8230

Narda 8230 microwave oven surveyor is a compact, robust, single range RF power measurement instrument designed to operate at 2.45 GHz. Its primary function is the detection of RF microwave leakage from heating equipment such as commercial and domestic microwave ovens and industrial equipment etc.

Portable Interference and Direction Analyzer

Narda IDA 2
Light, portable, highly sensitive signal analyzer for detecting, analyzing and localizing RF signals and interference
9 kHz to 6 GHz

  • Light and ergonomic
  • Intuitive operating system
  • Bright display readable in sunlight
  • Comprehensive display facilities
  • Excellent RF properties

Portable Interference and Direction Analyzer

Narda SignalShark
Signal Analyzer for Detection, Analysis, Classification and Localization of RF Signals between 9 kHz and 8 GHz. Applicable for mobile and stationary use. It supports Narda directional and full automatic direction finding antennas.

  • Extremely high Sweep Rate of up to 40 GHz/s
  • 40 MHz Real-Time instantaneous bandwidth
  • High Time Resolution Spectrogram
  • Powerful, live persistence spectrum to find hidden signals
  • Full automatic Direction Finding
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Receiver

Spectrum Analyzer for Measuring Systems


Monitor, record, analyze, demodulate and classify signals with the spectrum analyzer Narda NRA-RX

Specially developed for remote controlled operation.

Particularly useful for radio spectrum monitoring applications: Excellent RF characteristics, analysis in the frequency and time domains, I/Q streaming, demodulation, audio output. An exceptional range of features at an exceptional price.


You can purchase all Narda equipment from us FCA Germany, FCA Turkey or C&F to your country by express courier service.

We provide 1 year original Narda warranty, valid worlwide, with extension option of +1 year and +2 years.


We offer original factory calibration service for all Narda equipment. During factory calibration, the calibration factors are implemented into the device, so the measuring value on the display and the value in the memory reflect the calibrated result. There is no need to manually correct the indicated figure.


Narda experts are regularly helding seminars in Germany over various topics from electromagnetic fields and interference measurements. Private seminars are also possible.


We offer user training in Turkey and in Germany for all Narda devices.
Consult us for more information.
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