Tactical Cables, Field Connectors

Military and civilian purposes, for rebroadcast tools

Mounted at the factory original products

Mobile use cables thousands of times bending, crush, impact, it must be water-resistant. Use tools in conjunction with a live broadcast of the broadcasting sector is of critical importance. Ethernet links in industrial environments to build portable, 50-Ohm coaxial cable is used primarily in military communications environment.

Fiber optic and copper cable as open mobile use on the reel ends of the cables or connectors were followed us ready to use can be obtained. together with our broad product you wish cultivar cable reels and you can choose many different kinds of connectors. Option questions. Products in the United States is prepared on order.

Fiber optics-contacts

Articulated portable (tactical) fiber optic cable

Place of Use:

  • Live broadcast (SNG) vehicles
  • Outdoor activities, sporting events, news reporting
  • Digital camera connections
  • Temporary communication connections
  • Industrial use, automation

Belden GMTT series

Belden mobile (tactical) cables (European construction)

    • Belden GMTT  series – singlemo or multimode, 1-24 core (77 different models)
    • Belden D MMT series – singlemo or multimode, 2-16 core, rodent-proof (36 different models)
    • Belden G MRT series – sin inglemo or multimode, 2-16 core, high protection against rodents (44 different models)

    Quick Selection Quide

    Fiber Quantity Outer Diameter
    Max. pulling power short / long term
    4 5.4 31 800/1600 N Belden GMTTA04 Belden GMTT204
    8 7.0 41 1100/2000 N Belden GMTTA08 Belden GMTT208
    12 8.2 60 1300/2600 N Belden GMTTA12 Belden GMTT212

    Belden mobile (tactical) cables (US-made)

      • B96566 – Single mode, 2 core
      • B96639 – Single mode, 4 core
      • B96567 – Single mode, 6 core
      • B96570 – Single mode, 12 core

      Belden new product releases:

      Brilliance series Tactical Fiber Optic Cables

      Brilliance Maxibend series Tactical Fiber Optic Cables

      OCCFIB military purpose mobile (tactical) fiber optic cables

      Fiber optic – TV Broadcasting

      Mobile TV broadcasting cables Catalog

      Cat 5e, Cat 6A

      Articulated portable (tactical) Cat.5e, Cat.6 cable

      Belden 1305A
      Cat.5e, 24 AWG/0.22 mm2 (page 19.22)
      • CatSnake® mobile Cat. 5e cable
      • Bonded-pair, stranded, heavy duty jacket
      • 350 MHz bandwidth
      • Upjacked version
      • Terminates with RJ45 & Neutrik EtherCon® connectors
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