ASI/IP and IP/ASI Converter

ASI input   IP output 
IP input   ASI output



BLANKOM DIP-206 / DIP-212 ASI <-> IP Gateway (Gateway)

Up to 12 ASI input  to IP output 2, used in both directions

DIP-206, DIP 212  ……  ASI <> IP Gateway . Full professional structure, dual power supply. UDP / RTP MPEG packet transmission DVB-compliant streams (transport stream) converts. 19 “(1RU). SNMP. Control over the Web.

BLANKOM DIP-206 ASI / IP Gateway

IP Input and Output:

  • 1x IP-GbE (DIP-206) or 2x IP-GbE (DIP-212)

ASI Input and Output:

  • 6x AS (DIP-206), or 12x AS (DIP-212)
  • It can be configured as inputs or outputs

For further information …   English brochure … pdf

DEKTEC DTA-3100 / DTA-3120 ASI <-> IP Gateway (Gateway)

The widespread use, extensive reference list in Turkey

Metroethernet or ideal and economical solution for live video streaming over the Internet. 7/24 devices that are being used for many years in Turkey’s conditions. Excellent performance, excellent durability.

  DEKTEC DTA-3100 and DTA-3120 ASI / IP gateways

DEKTEC DTA-3100 and DTA-3120 ASI / IP gateways

ASI input  IP output

DTA-3120 … ..  ASI -> IP Converter.  ASI to TS-over-IP (tsoıp) gateways, UDP, RTP, 2D FEC (SMPTE-2022)
For more information …    English brochure … pdf

IP input  ASI output

DT-3100  …. IP -> ASI Converter. TS-over-IP (tsoıp) to ASI gateway, PoE (Power over Ethernet-enabled), UDP, RTP, 2D FEC (SMPTE-2022)
For further information …    English brochure … pdf

DEKTEC PCI, PCIe-based PC cards with ASI <-> IP Gateway (Gateway)

DTA-160 …… IP <-> ASI Converter. Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) + Three ASI inputs or outputs
For further information …     English brochure … pdf

DTA-2160 … Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) + Three ASI input or output (PCI express card)
For more information …    English brochure …  pdf

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