MPEG Stream Analyzer, DVB Analyzer, SD Analyzer

(Analysis, Monitoring, Recording, Testing & Measurement)

Dektec the application software 
can be ordered as PC ready for use.

Real-Time MPEG Transport Stream (Transmission Flow) Analyzer

MPEG TS analyzer –  dektec 2.0 streamxpert

The world’s most affordable and easy to use MPEG transport stream (MPEG-TS, TS, transport stream) analyzer

bullet The MPEG transport stream (transport stream) in real time analysis, monitoring and recording
bullet PID within the MPEG transport stream, a detailed demonstration of the service and table
bullet PSI, DVB-S, DVB-RCS detailed analysis of table
bullet User-definable templates TR 101 290
bullet MP2 / H.264 / VC-1 integrated with the support SD / HD video and audio decoder / (optional) video and MP1 / MP2
bullet Compatible with all products DEKTEC

Streamxpert 2.0 … .. MPEG TS analyzer (DTC-320)

Streamxpert Lite …. MPEG TS analyzer (DTC-321)

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video device dektec streamxpert promotional video

MPEG Transport (İletim Akışı) Oynatıcı (Player)

MPEG TS Player- DekTec StreamXpress

Standard or industrial PC and a dektec output adapter using low-cost, high performance allows you to create a stream player.

bullet Playing files on the hard disk of the Digital TV signal: ASI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, DVB (RF modulation), IP
bullet Continuity counter, PCR / PTS / DTS and the TDT / TOT played endless fields with optional automatic correction
bullet Modulation and channel allows easy identification of simulation parameters
bullet Compatible with all products DEKTEC

Streamxpress … .. MPEG-TS player (player)

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MPEG-TS Monitoring (Monitoring) and Mosaic Views

MPEG-TS izleme (monitoring) – DekTec Xpect

24/7 monitoring MPEG transport stream (transport stream monitoring) software

bullet All DEKTEC DVB, ASI, IP is compatible with cards
bullet Numerous MPEG transport stream (transport stream) can simultaneously watch
bullet GB 101,290 compatibility tests
– Priority 1, 2 & 3 tests (with buffer analysis)
– PC statistics: AC, FO, DR and OJ
– The delay factor, packet loss
– MGB Bitrate measurement
bullet Pairing with user definable templates. TS, service, service components, templates continuous monitoring of compliance with the values ​​of table values
bullet Flow (stream) to record for long statistics

DEKTEC MPEG Transport Stream Monitoring System in addition to create all the necessary hardware modules, drove the XPECTIA system software on the market and made its first major overhaul.

DEKTEC outside XPECTIA system with DVB, IP-based up to 50 MPTS, SPTS stream up to 250 7/24 can be viewed and analyzed.

Xpect … .. MPEG Transport Stream Monitoring Software, mosaic featured   

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Real-Time MPEG Transport (Transmission Flow)  Multiplexer

MPEG TS Multiplexer – DekTec MuxXpert

Dektec standard or industrial PC and used with all input and output adapters. Any entry or file, any output allows you to make real-time multiplexing and re-multiplexing.

bullet real-time live broadcasts and file multiplexing and re-multiplexing process
bullet Automatic extraction of PSI and DVB-S, reproduction and adding
bullet PIDs, services, tables, allows changing as desired the identifiers
bullet The user interface of the inlet and outlet flow transmission service, new information shows in detail the components and bitrate
bullet Should as many guarantees real-time multiplex can produce a large number of entries
bullet Compatible with all products DEKTEC

Dektec Muxxpert multiplekser

Dektec Muxxpert multiplekser

Muxxpert … .. Real-time MPEG-TS multiplexer

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Real-Time SDI Waveform Monitor

SDI Waveform Monitor – DekTec SdEye

SDI analysis and monitoring (monitoring) software

bullet real-time visual analysis to SD-SDI or HD-SDI signals
bullet Video, YCbCr / RGB waveform, vectorscope, peak metre gösterimi
bullet HANCE and representation of all flow in the VANC
bullet SDI real-time raw data representation
bullet Deportation for displaying the value of the pixel luminance / chrominance threshold values
bullet You can create DEKTEC fantasi DT-245 adapter with an SD portable analyzer

SD waveform monitor

sdi waveform monitor

SDE to …… .. Real-Time SDI Waveform Monitor software (DTC-335) 

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AVC / MPEG-2 Elementary Stream (Basic Flow) and Video Quality Analyzer

AVC / MPEG-2 Elementary Stream and Video Quality Analyzer –  dektec Qualify

elementary stream in audio or video encoder output (ES basic stream) for quality analyzer

bullet Encoded video quality measurements
bullet The video encoder (encoder) to elicit problems, optimizing settings
bullet Black screen, freezing, pixelated, automatic detection of the haze problem
bullet File-based automated video quality control
bullet the training of basic video compression
bullet Detailed graphs for easy analysis

Qualify … .. AVC / MPEG-2 elementary stream and video quality analyzer

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MPEG Transport Stream (TS) Recording (Recorder)

MPEG-TS or SD recording –  dektec VF-Rec

Advanced TS, SDI, HD-SDI I / Q sample recording software

bullet MPEG transport stream, the I / Q samples, saves SDI signals
bullet Multi-file functions:
– a specific hour automatic deletion of old files
– Maximum number
of files – to be put into the file name, time stamp, and index
bullet Different files defragmentation tool
bullet It supports all devices DEKTEC

transport stream recording, SD recording

VF-Rec … .. MPEG-2 TS / SDI recorder

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DVB-T2 signal generator

DVB-T2 Signal Generator Software –  dektec t2xpress

All parameters that support industry-standard DVB-T2 DVB-T2 test signal generator. t2xpress multi-PLP signals lite T2, T2 M and can generate more.

bullet File inputs, DVB-T2 RF output complete multi-PLP DVB-T2 modulator
bullet saved to a file containing T2-M provides DVB-T2 gateway.
bullet ASI or IP source real-time from the T2-MI support.
bullet T2-lite, T2-base and multi-profile support.
bullet test-signal generator for DVB-T2 compatibility testing.
bullet DVB-T2 receiver chip development, test-signal generator for testing and evaluation.
bullet signal generator for DVB-T2 receiver promotion and field trials
bullet Compatible with all products DEKTEC

DVB-T2 signal genset software

T2xpress … .. DVB-T2 signal generator software

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Monitoring and RF Analyzer

RF Monitoring and Analyzer Software –  dektec rfxpert

DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-C2 developed for real-time RF measurement, monitoring and analysis software.

bullet The main screen also the RF values, monitor status, RF level histogram and MR images
bullet The main alarm indication signal integrity for speed control
bullet Configurable switch with threshold / attention / fail alarm logging
bullet Compatible with all products DEKTEC

DVB RF analyzer software

Rfxpert … .. RF Monitoring and Analysis Software

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DVB-C2 Analyzer

C2Xpert – DVB-C2 analysis software

In-depth DVB-C2 analysis software.

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DVB-T2 signal generator

T2Xpress – DVB-T2 signal generator software

Advanced DVB-T2 signal generator software.

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DVB-T2 Analizörü

T2Xpert – DVB-T2 analysis software

In-depth DVB-T2 analysis with T2-MI output option.

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