Belden CC-Link Cable

CC-Link is an open field-level network protocol which provides for the high speed communication linking of a wide range of automation devices over a single cable. Belden IndustrialTuff CC-Link Cables are engineered specifically to meet the Mitsubishi CC-Link testing requirements. 3- and 5-conductor cables are available with foam HDPE insulations, overall Beldfoil, copper braid shields and red PVC jackets, all designed to perform to maximum system requirements.

  • High noise immunity

  • High speed and faster response time

  • Large network capacity

  • High density insulations with overall Beldfoil and 78% tin copper braid shields

  • 10 Mps speed with quick data refresh

  • Master to slave architecture able to connect 64 stations

CC-Link Interconnect Cable

AWG Conductors Mitsubishi Part Number Extra Description Belden Part Number
20 3 BA1SJ61-S Standard CC-Link 1348A
20 + 18 3 Circuit + 2 Power BA1SJ61-P Standard CC-Link with Power 1349A

Industrial Ethernet Cables for CC-Link IE

Category Extra Description Belden Part Number
Cat5e Shielded, Stranded 7939A
Cat5e Enhanced Heavy-shielded  7921A
Cat5e Enhanced MHSA Approved (Mining) 7929A
Cat6 Shielded 7953A

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