GOOT is a Japanese industrial company, founded in 1965. GOOT is the most preferred brand, the market leader of the electronics industry in Japan for soldering products. Technological superiority manifests itself in all products of the company.

PROTEL is the general distributor of GOOT for Turkey, operating with a large stock of products and spare parts.

  • Soldering irons
  • Soldering stations
  • Desoldering products
  • Surface Mount/SMT products
  • Solder pots
  • Solder and soldering work materials
  • Soldering accessories
  • Test tools for soldering

GOOT Product Groups

Soldering Irons Temperature controlled soldering irons

High efficiency soldering irons

Nichrome heated soldering irons

Gas powered soldering irons

Soldering Stations Lead-free temperature controlled soldering stations

Temperature controlled soldering stations

Service stations

Desoldering products Portable desoldering guns

Automatic desoldering stations

Service stations

Desoldering suckers

Solder pots Solder bath Solder pots

Surface Mount/SMT products Surface Mount/SMT products
Solder and soldering work materials,
Soldering accessories

Desoldering wick

Soldering paste/Tip refresher

Precision Tweezer

Soldering iron stand

Solder assist Soldering tester

Soldering accessories
Heating Tools Hot bond Hot slicer/Hot knife
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