Broadcast Audio/Video Cables

Digital and analog audio/video, camera, microphone, speaker cables

4K Ultra HD Cables
12G-SDI through a single co-ax cable

12G-SDI 4K Ultra HD Belden solutions for coaxial (UAI) Cables, 4K provides maximum signal transmission distance over a single coaxial line. single 12G-SDI, minimizes the weight and space usage compared to the double and quadruple joint configurations minimum.

»   8 different types of cable
»   up to 4K transmission distance of 117 meters
»   100% compatible with the original 4K UHD Bel BNC connectors


Broşür, Pdf dosyası Belden 4K UHD Kablo ve Konnektör                 Broşür, Pdf dosyasıBelden 4K UHD Cable and Connector which can move several meters signal with cable?

TV, Radio, Film Studio Cables
at high speed at long distance

Belden 1505a

Audio and video recording studios, radio and TV broadcasters, mobile broadcast units only better audio / video signal does not only want processing quality on digital technologies for the future and the appropriate cable infrastructure investment in high resolution are available if you do correctly. BELDEN products in the studio, endpoints reached by the technology choice for the future because it is true and a guaranteed transfer to the user.

Usage Areas:

  • Television studios
  • Radio studios
  • Movie studios
  • Live broadcast vehicles and mobile studios
  • Post-production studios
  • Recording studios

Cable Types:

  • Audio:
    – Microphone and musical instrument cables
    – analog audio cables (line level analog audio cable)
    – AES / EBU digital audio cable
    – analog multicore cables (analog multi-pair se
    – Special audio, communications and instrumentation kablolarınak the cable)
    – AES / EBU digital multicore cables
    – Speaker cables
  • Video:
    – Triax kamera kabloları
    – Analog video kabloları
    – Dijital video kabloları
    – Analog multicore kablolar
    – Dijital multicore kablolar
    – A/V ve bileşik (composite) kamera kabloları
    – RGB ve SVHS kablolar
    – Genişbant kablolar
  • Fiber Optic:
     -SMPTE compound cables 311 6.2
    – Mobile fiber optic cables

Belden  Digital Studio Cable Guide , to learn the renovated 7.baskı …
Belden  audio, video and microphone cable  to examine …

 Broşür, Pdf dosyasıBelden BNC HDTV connectors

SMPTE311 HD Hybrid Camera Cables
up to 4,000 meters the actual transmission distance

  • SMPTE311 compatible HD cameras hybrid fiber + copper cable.
  • In the studio or in the field, different models for mobile use or fixed installations
  • with connectors, ready to use, it can be ordered in lengths up to 500 meters from 10 meters.
  • You can use up to 4,000 meters in length by adding

büyütmek için resmi tıklayınız

Broşür, Pdf dosyası Belden SMPTE311M HD camera cables

Concert, Sport Match of the cables
at high speed at long distance

Belden 1505a

Music concerts, sports events, sound and light shows, common spaces organizations, a large number of microphones such as conferences, requires a large number of cameras and a large number of speakers used and the highest possible sound and image areas that need to be good quality cable usage. used around the cable fault and failure is unacceptable. BELDEN products in the critical areas, the technology has reached the end point is the right choice for the future and guaranteed because the transfer to the user.  

Usage Areas:

  • Outdoor events
  • Sports events
  • Racing
  • Sound and light show

Commonly Used Belden Broadcasting (Broadcast) Audio / Video Cables

Coaxial Video (HDTV)


3x shielded must Duobond new Plus series, in addition to all the features of the existing video cable Belden HD, 3 Gb / s data rates and provide extra security at higher EMC performance.

Featured Advantages:

bullet Construction: foil / braid / foil shield as 3 times, fold the outer foil. Both foils glued on insulator (Articulated patented Duobond Plus)
bullet FRNC / LSNH flame resistant, halogen-free outer coating
bullet Guaranteed return loss (-21 dB up to 4.5 GHz)
bullet Color options: black, green, turquoise, blue, yellow, gray, purple
Supported transmission speeds and standards: 
– SDU: SMPTE 259M (279 MB / s) 
– HDTV: SMPTE 292M, 372m (1.5 GB / s) 
– 3G: SMPTE 424M (3GB / s)
bullet Operating temperature range: -30 ° C to + 70 ° C
Shielding performance: According to the classification en50117 cable +
bullet Belden perfect fit with the one-piece HD BNC connectors

Belden 1855DNH Duobond Plus HDTV/SDI video cable- 22 AWG
Belden 1505DNH Duobond Plus HDTV/SDI video cable- 20 AWG
Belden 1694DNH Duobond Plus HDTV/SDI video cable – 18 AWG
Belden 1794DNH Duobond Plus HDTV/SDI video cable – 16 AWG
Belden 7731DNH Duobond Plus HDTV/SDI video cable – 14 AWG

Broşür, Pdf dosyası new product releases for Belden Duobond Plus HD video series

Belden 1505A HDTV kablosu

HD Digital video cable (RG-59 class). Up to 120 meters is recommended for HD video streaming. 10 different color options. 10 various different subgroups. This cable is suitable Teluguärtner connector: J01002A0031
most widely used model in Turkey

1505A – Single coaxial cable
1505ENH – FRNC, single coaxial cable
1505ANH – FRNC IEC332-3C, Coax
7794A – VideoFlex®, 3-Coax
7795A – VideoFlex®, 4-Coax
7796A – VideoFlex®, 5-Coax
7798A – VideoFlex®, 10-Coax
1505S3 – BananaPeel®, 3-Coax
1505S5 – BananaPeel®, 5-Coax
1505S6 – BananaPeel®, 6-Coax

Belden 1505F HDTV kablosu

Articulated 1505a very flexible, mobile applications or scene model. This cable is suitable Telugu ä rtner connector: J01002A0055 
new product releases NP-183

From 1505 to 1694, and Belden Bel
Telegartner HDTV BNC connectors

 Belden 1694A HDTV kablosu

HD Digital video cable (RG-6 class). It is recommended for HD video transmission up to 140 meters. 10 different color options. 12 various different subgroups. This cable according Telegunärtner connector: J01002A0010
most widely used model TRT

1694A – single coaxial cable
1694ENH – FRNC, single coaxial cable
1694ANH – FRNC IEC332-3C, Coax
7710A – VideoFlex®, 3-Coax
7711A – VideoFlex®, 4-Coax
7712A – VideoFlex®, 5-Coax
7713A – VideoFlex®, 10-Coax
1694S3 – BananaPeel®, 3-Coax
1694S5 – BananaPeel®. 5-Coax
1694S6 – BananaPeel®, 6-Coax
1694D – Coax Dual
1694WB – Coax Flooded

Belden 1694F HDTV kablosu


Belden 1694a’s very flexible, portable stage for use or model. This cable is suitable Teluguärtner connector: J01002A0056

New product releases NP-233: 

Belden 1794A HDTV kablosu

HD digital video cable. Up to 200 meters is recommended for HD video streaming. 20dB shielding. 10 different color options.

1794A – Single coaxial cable

Belden 7731A HDTV kablosu

HD Digital video cable (RG-11 class). Up to 230 meters is recommended for HD video streaming. 10 different color options. 3 various different subgroups. This cable is suitable Teluguärtner connector: J01002A1940

7731A –  Single coaxial cable
7731ENH – FRNC, Tekli koaksiyal kablo
7731ANH – FRNC IEC332-3C, Koaxsiyal

Belden 179DT HDTV kablosu

179DT Digitruck

Specially designed for live broadcast vehicles, mobile studios precision miniature video cable. For HD video transmission up to 40 meters it is recommended. 10 different color options. 9 various different subgroups.

This cable is suitable Telugu ä rtner connector: J01002A0058 

(Mobile Broadcast Trucks, Digital Video, Precision Video, Telecommunications) 
User releases the AR 0206


(Broadcast Mobil Trucks, Digital Video, Precision Video, Telecommunications)
Kullanıcı bülteni AR 0206: 

179DT – PVC, Single coaxial cable
179DTNH – FRNC, Single coaxial cable
1277R – VideoFlex®, 3-Coax
1278R – VideoFlex®, 4-Coax
1279R – VideoFlex®, 5-Coax
1280R – VideoFlex®, 6-Coax
1281S3 – BananaPeel®, 3-Coax
1281S5 – BananaPeel®, 5-Coax
1281S6 – BananaPeel®, 6-Coax

Belden 1855A HDTV kablosu


Precision miniature video cable. up to 80 meters is recommended for HD video streaming. 10 different color options. 11 various different subgroups..

1855A – single coaxial cable. The cable according Telegun ä rtner connector: J01002A0030
1855ENH – FRNC, single coaxial cable Telegun according to the cable ä Connector rtn: J01002A0033 
7787A – VideoFlex®, 3-Coax
7788A – VideoFlex®, 4-Coax
7789A – VideoFlex®, 5-Coax
7790A – VideoFlex®, 6-Coax
7791A – VideoFlex®, 10 Coax
7792A – VideoFlex®, 12 Coax
1855S3 – BananaFlex®, 3-Coax
1855S5 – BananaFlex®, 5-Coax
1855S6 – BananaFlex®, 6-Coax


Analog video cable. This cable is suitable Telugu ä rtner connector: J01002A0003

Belden 1406B

1400 Serisi RGB Kablo

RGB according to HD transmission cable (RG-59 grade)

1406B – VideoFlex®, 3-Coax
1407B – VideoFlex®, 4-Coax
1417B – VideoFlex®, 5-Coax

1520 Serisi RGB Kablo

HD transmission to the appropriate RGB cable (RG-179 class) The cable according Telegun ärtner connector: J01002A0027 1520 A  – videoflex® 3-Coax

1521A – VideoFlex®, 4-Coax
1522A – VideoFlex®, 5-Coax

Broşür, Pdf dosyası Belden HDTV BNC connectors

Twisted Video (videotwist)

Cat5e for mobile use:

Mobile (mobile) use, repeatedly bending and crushproof Audio / Video Network (LAN) cables

Belden 1305A

1305A   for mobile use catsnake®audio Cat.5e / Video

-24 AWG / mm² 00:22
– catsnake® type mobile CAT5e cable
– Adherent per
– very durable jacket
– 350 MHz bandwidth
– can be used with RJ45 connectors or Neutrik ethercon®

New product releases NP-228: 


Cat.5e catsnake® for mobile use Audio / Video cable catsnak in a jalet

24 AWG / mm² 00:22
– catsnake® type mobile CAT5e cable
– Adherent per
– very durable jacket
– 350 MHz bandwidth
– can be used with RJ45 connectors or Neutrik ethercon®

New product releases NP-118: : 

NanoSkew Cat5e, Cat6:

Very low skew valuable, component video (RGB, VGA, Y / Ryan / Bye etc.) transmission cables

Belden 7987R


– Category dışı (2.2 nsec/100m skew)
– 24 AWG/0.22 mm²

Belden 7988R

7988R Cat5e UTP RGB Cable

–  Category 5e (9 nsec/100m skew)
– 24 AWG/0.22 mm²

CAT5e only tested up to 200 MHz performance guarantees, twisted wires attached to each other (bonded-pair technology), 7988P plenum model.

Belden 7989R

7989R Cat6 UTP RGB Cable

– Category 6 (10 nsec/100m skew)
– 24 AWG/0.22 mm²

It Cat6A only tested up to 250 MHz performance guarantees, twisted wires attached to each other (bonded-pair technology), 7989P plenum model.

Mobile (mobil) to use :

– 24 AWG / mm² 12:22
cockle per
– stranded inner conductor
– very resistant jacket structure
– 10 color

1353A 1-for

NP 267 new product releases to: 

Analog Audio

BELDEN analog audio cables, STUDIO THEATER use and use are divided into two groups:

for use in the studio:

Belden kablo 1883A

1883A: single-per

– 24 AWG / mm² 00:22
– 100% Beldfoil foil coating
– 6 colors

Belden kablo 8451

8451: single-per

– 22 AWG / mm² 00:34
– 100% Beldfoil foil coating
– two colors
– for long distance

Belden 9451

9451: single-per

– 22 AWG / mm² 00:34
– 100% Beldfoil foil coating
– 10 colors
– long distance
– tensile strength: 120N

Belden 9452

9452: one-per

– 24 AWG / mm² 00:22
– 100% Beldfoil foil coating
– PE outer coating
– the noise reducing structure

Belden 8728


22 AWG / 0.34 mm² 
– 100% Beldfoil foil coating 
– round jacket 
– tensile strength: 161N

Belden 9151D

9451D: 2-per

– 22 AWG / mm² 00:34
– 100% Beldfoil foil coating
– foil adhered jacket
– zipcord
– tensile strength: 240 N

Belden 1512C

–  24 AWG / mm² 00:22
– Beldfoil foil 100% coverage
– adhering foil jacket
– DT-12 remote multi-pr

1508A 1-per
1509C 2-per
1510C 4-per
1511C 6-per
1512C 8-per
1513C 12-per
1514C 16-per
1515C 20-per
1518C 32-per
1519C 52-per
1508ENH FRNC, 1-per
1509ENH FRNC, 2-per
1512ENH FRNC, 8-per
1513ENH FRNC, 12-per

Belden 1816R

–  22 AWG / mm² 00:34
– high performance
– Beldfoil foil 100% coverage
– jacket adhering foil
– for long distance

1814R 2-per
1815R 4-per
1816R 6-per
1817R 8-per
1818R 12-per
1819R 16-per
1821R 24-per
1823R 32-per

for stage uses :

Belden 1904A

– 24 AWG / mm² 0:22
– French Braid weave
– super flexible flexnak

1902A 2-per
1904A 4-per
1906A 6-per
1908A 8-per
1912A 12-per
1916A 16-per
1924A 24-per
1932A 32-per

Belden BE46315

– 26 AWG / mm² 00:14
– per each mesh
– 90% over all braided cable
– flexible, suitable for use in the field
– extra thick outer sheath

BE46312 4-per
BE46313 8-per
BE46315 12-per
BE46305 16-per
BE46306 24-per
BE46948 40-per

Belden 7887A

– 26 AWG / mm² 00:14
– Braid French braid
– Star-Quad (four stars)

7884A 2-Quad
7885A 4-Quad
7887A 12-Quad
7888A 16-Quad
70063NH 1-Quad, halogen
70066 8-Quad
70066ENH 8-Quad, halogen

Digital Audio (AES / EBU)

BELDEN digital audio cables, use STUDIO, STAGE use are divided into three groups for the use and MOBILE:

Common specifications:

– Sampling rate: 32 kHz … 192 kHz
– Bandwidth: 4 MHz … 25 MHz
– Impedance 110 Ω ± 20%

for use in the studio:

Belden 1696A

– 22 AWG / mm² 00:34
– Double shielded (foil and braid)
– High noise suppression
– high tensile
-strength – for long-distance

1696A 1-per

Belden 1800B

– 24 AWG / mm² 00:22
– two color
– with 100% coverage foil Beldfoil

1800B 1-per
1802B 2-per

Belden 1805F

– 24 AWG / mm² 00:22
– High performance
– Beldfoil foil 100% coverage
– for long-distance

1803F 4-per
1805F 8-per
1806F 12-per
1850F 16-per
1852F 24-per

Belden 7880A

– 26 AWG / mm² 00:14
– Beldfoil foil 100% coverage
– Foil adherent jacket
– thin structure, volume, and weight-saving
– the second color

7891A 2-per
7890A 4-per
7880A 8-per
7892A 12-per
7893A 16-per

– 26 AWG / mm² 00:14
– Beldfoil foil 100% coverage
– Foil adherent jacket
– thin structure, volume, and weight-saving
– the second color

9180 2-per

for stage uses :

– 24 AWG / mm² 0:22
– super flexible
– mesh screen
– drain
-wire – speed appropriate to terminate
– 6 colors

1800F 2-per

– 26 AWG / mm² 00:14
– each per braided screen
– All cables braided screen plus 90%
– Small and flexible (slimsnak A)
– according to the D-Sub connector

BE46273 1-per, 2.80mm outer diameter
BE46202 1-per, 3.90mm outer diameter
BE46203 2-per
BE46204 1-per
BE46266 8-per
BE46208 10-per
BE46205 12-per
BE46207 16-per

– 26 AWG / mm² 00:14
– per each mesh screen
– All shielded cable further 90% braid
– halogen-free in accordance with IEC 332-3C

YE00193 1-per, 2.80mm outer diameter
BE46959 1-per, 3.90mm outer diameter
BE46923 2-per
BE46925 1-per
BE46935 8-per
BE46936 10-per
BE46937 12-per
BE46938 16-per

Mobile (mobil) to use :

24 AWG / mm² 00:22 
– adherent p 
– stranded inner conductor 
– very resistant jacket structure 
– 10 color

1353A 1-per


Belden 46382

–  Pure copper inner conductor

BE46382 – PVC 2 x 1.5 mm
BE46381 – PVC 2 x 2.5 mm
BE46379 – PVC 4 x 2.5 mm
BE43907 – PVC 8 x 2.5 mm
BE46380 – PVC 2 x 4.0 mm
46382NH – FRNC 2 x 1.5 mm
46381NH – FRNC 2 x 2.5 mm
46379NH – FRNC 4 x 2.5 mm
43907NH – FRNC 8 x 2.5 mm
46380NH – FRNC 2 x 4.0 mm

Microphones and Musical Instruments


Belden 1776  Belden’s most powerful microphone cable produced to date 

– very strong outer sheath
– tensile strength: 113kg (1112)
– 20 AWG
– 85% mesh screen

Belden 2221  Brilliance series compact microphone cable 

– 26 AWG
– 95% braid screen
– digital and analog systems

Broşür, Pdf dosyasınew product releases for 1776 and 2221 Belden Brilliance

–  star quad (four conductor)
– high noise and hum suppression
– 4 color

1804A microphone, 28 AWG 0.09mm²
1172A microphone, 26 AWG 0.14mm²
1192A microphone, 24 AWG 0.22mm²
8424 microphone, 20 AWG 0.52mm

8412 microphone cable

–  very strong outer sheath
– tensile strength: 445N
– 4 color

Belden 9397

9397 microphone cable

–   double spiral mesh
– 97% mesh frequency
– low noise RF / EMI

Belden 9398 mikrofon kablosu

9398 microphone cable

– third conductive
– high twist ratio
– tensile strength: 200N

Belden BE46349 mikrofon kablosu

BE46349 microphone cable

– low capacitance, long-distance
– 10 colors

Belden 8410

8410 guitars and musical instrument cable

Camera (Triax)

  • BELDEN Triax camera cables are divided into two groups. flexible cables and building wire for use for use PORTABLE HARD.
  • There are 3 different cables with different lengths for each group. TRIAX-8 TRIAX-TRIAX 11 and 14.
  • These TRIAX-8 to 500 meters, TRIAX-11 up to 700 meters, 1000 meters at 1080p TRIAX 14 (3gb / s up) is suitable for carrying the HD signal.

BELDEN TRIAX 8 varieties:

Belden 7783A Triax

7783A the mobile uses
7783ENH fixed installation
7783ECH fixed installation

BELDEN TRIAX 11 varieties:

Belden 7784AS Triax

7784AF mobile use
fixed installation
fixed installation
7784APU fixed installation
fixed installation
7784ENH fixed installation
7784ECH fixed installation

BELDEN TRIAX 14 varieties:

Belden 7785E Triax

7785A the mobile user
7785ANH  the mobile user
7785ENH fixed installation
7785ECH fixed installation

Camera (Fiber Optic)

Belden 7804E

Belden 7804ENH
Belden 7804EPU
Belden 7804E

SMPTE-311M hybrid fiber camera cable

Broşür, Pdf dosyasıBelden new product releases for SMPTE-311M hybrid camera cable

Living Area:

  • Publishing cameras
  • The camera control unit
  • Studio equipment
  • No tables
  • Producing Units
  • TV studios
  • Telemedicine video conferencing

Technical specifications:

  • 2 x Tight buffer single-mode fiber
  • 4 x 20 AWG (19 × 32) of zinc-plated copper
  • 2 x 24 AWG (7 × 32) of zinc-plated copper
  • Upjacketed stranded steel member
  • Zinc-plated copper braid
  • at least 80% of the coating
  • Outer sheath: thermoplastic elastomer
  • 2.5 “minimum bending radius
  • 9.2mm outside diameter

RGB Video Cable

7989R Cat6 U/UTP RGB Cable

It Cat6A only tested up to 250 MHz performance guarantees, twisted wires attached to each other (bonded-pair technology), 7989P plenum model.

7988R Cat5e U/UTP RGB Cable

CAT5e only tested up to 200 MHz performance guarantees, twisted wires attached to each other (bonded-pair technology), 7988P plenum model.

Video Cables (Video Cable) / Camera Cable

I can carry digital video signals how many meters?

data rated 143 Mb/s 177 Mb/s 270 Mb/s 360 Mb/s 540 Mb/s 1.5 Gb/s 1.5 Gb/s 3.0 Gb/s
standart SMPTE 259M ITU B.601 SMPTE 259M SMPTE 259M SMPTE 344M SMPTE 344M bağımsız SMPTE 259M
kullanım Composite NTSC Composite PAL Component Video Component Widescreen Component Widescreen HDTV
1080i, 720p
1080i, 720p
179DT 152 137 116 104 85 34 40 24
1855A 299 290 241 207 171 79 80 46
1855ENH 100
1505A 436 415 338 296 241 94 120 67
1505F 366 327 261 223 179 69 90
1694A 573 521 436 378 308 122 140 82
1694F 482 433 335 293 229 88 110 58
7731A 838 756 622 536 436 168 230 110

Guaranteed signal transport distances are given in meters.

related to the transport distance of the digital video cable to the technical bulletin E101:

New product releases:

Belden 1355, Cat5e audio/video cable
general purpose use for high data traffic with studio and outdoor activities, Brilliance® catsnake®1305e4 unshielded 4-channel audio / video cable

Brilliance® series Tactical Fiber Optic Cable
for SM fiber-optic

HD camera cable, fiber-optic and copper compounds
New Belden Brilliance® heat-resistant cables: according to the SMPTE 311M HDTV High expectations

Component video (component video) cable

videoflex® FRNC 1855enx series: The new Belden halogen-free component video cables

Cables Limited Fire Hazard I
Fire protection from counterfeiting, for use in a fully enclosed space such as subway tunnel

Brilliance® Broadcast Series Camera and video cables
maximum protection against fire (zero-halogen, acid-free, non-toxic, low-smoke, fire-retardant, flame-retardant)

Precision Video Snake Cables
Belden 1855A, 1505A ve 1694A kabloların 3’lü, 5’li ve 6’lı applications

HDTV composite video cables  
1 to 6 vessels in the veins united cable features high-definition video and data transport distance

ENG / EFP cameras for combined audio / video composite cable
Mini HiRes component cable for HDTV and multimedia applications  

Flexible digital video cable Belden 1694F 1694a flexible version

Category 5e UTP audio/video cable

HDTV cable

Return Loss

Return Loss (Return Loss) (RL)

ımpedance accuracy important to determine the performance of a cable, but the way is not enough. One of the most important parameters in any cable system is return loss. This is the ratio of power reflected back to the source of the extracted signal to a power distribution system.

Return Loss cable changing the level of the signal reaches the receiver reduces the effectiveness of distance. A good return loss performance of high frequency / speed performance is the key to data and system bit error within the framework of expectations, amounting to an acceptable level. The return loss of the transmission system, the used frequency / is a function of data rate, high frequency / is more difficult to control the data rate.

Published path return loss of value is not only a function of the cable. Connectors with broadcast / receiving equipment are also very important factors affecting the performance of the link.

It used widely in home DVD, which shows the quality of the audio and video still possible audience. This will create a demand for HDTV inevitably reach of fidelity. HDTVs need renewal of the broadcasting sector, another additional opportunities will also be created. Olympics, Formula One, the international events related to football and many other sports have become very popular, and to please the audience, it needs the highest technology can provide publishers.

For HDTV in the coaxial cable spectrum Belden there are better enabled following cables from SMPTE return loss requirements:
–  Belden 1855 (0.6 / 2.6 sheathing 4:03 mm)
– YR46865 Belden (0.6 / 2.8 sheathing 5:50 mm)

– Belden 1505A (0.8/3.7 outer sheat 5.97 mm)
– Belden 1694A (1.0/4.6 outer sheat 6.99 mm)
– Belden 7731A (1.6/7.2 outer sheat 10.3 mm)

Articulated use coaxial cable 6 dB over EK RETURN LOSS RESERVE (headroom) provides
it with the connectors, patch-panels, and so on. It opens more space due to return loss.

High Definition TV (HDTV) cable bandwidth of 750 MHz and 2.25 GHz, good return loss performance in the third harmonic frequency is required. Belden coaxial cable for HDTV applications are currently being tested to 3 GHz, and typically 30 dB return loss (RL) possess the property!

Audio Cable (Audio Cable) / Speaker Cable

Digital audio features Audio Engineering’s Office of the European Broadcasting Union (AES / EBU) has been developed jointly by. These two key electrical parameter for the cable specifications, the speed data based on the sampling rate and ± 20% 110 Ohm twisted pair in the model is a 75 ohm impedance in the coaxial model.

The product relases:

Articulated 70005 A,  Cat- 5 cable digital audio
articulated Brilliance catsnak A ™ 70005 A shielded Cat-5 cable. High-traffic-house studio and outdoor activities suitable for use in severe conditions. Unaffected by bending solid structure. 100% shielded, outer insulating laminated foil Beldfoil technology. CobraNet ™, EtherSound ™, compatible with Roland’s digitalsnak ™ system to

1355 Belden,  Cat-5 audio / video cable
for general purpose use in high data traffic with studio and outdoor activities, Brilliance® catsnake®1305e4 unshielded 4-channel audio / video cable

Belden 1353 A, AES / EBU digital audio compatible Cat5 cable
articulated series Brilliance® AES / EBU digital audio compatible single-pair Cat5 cable in the structure. Peri-forming cables adhered to the bonded-pair technology to each other.

AES / EBU audio multi-pair cable compound water
slimsnak series compact, flexible, halogen-free multi-pin audio cable

Speaker cable
Oxygen-Free, High Conductivity, Halogen-Free: New Brilliance® speaker cable series

Belden 1353A Digital Audio Cable

Category 5e UTP audio/video cables

Multimedya / Projectors Cable

How many meters can carry multimedia signal?

çözünürlük 640 x 480 800 x 600 1024 x 768 1280 x 1024 1600 x 1200 . 1080p
Belden 1277R 25 20 15 11 9 52 15
Belden 1280R 25 20 15 11 9 52 15
Belden 1281R 25 20 15 11 9 52 15
Belden 1282P 25 20 15 11 9 52 15
Belden 1283S3 42 34 26 20 16 88 26

Guaranteed signal transport distances are given in meters. technical characteristics of the vessels in the composite cable will be used.

Is the product releases:

Belden HDMI cable
the HDMI standard interface cable to the articulated performance

Belden Speaker Cable
Oxygen-Free, High Conductivity, Halogen-Free: New Brilliance® speaker cable series

Belden multimedia projection equipment (projector) cable

Belden HDTV composite video cable

Belden RGB, VGA, DTV, HDTV cable


Beldfoil® is the first shielding cable type that provides 100% protection against radiation in the broadcast audio and RF frequencies.

Easy and effective trim
Many Beldfoil® foil is attached articulated to the outer casing both in the product and in this way can be removed simultaneously. This saves both time and also reduces the installation costs.


Belflex® shielding technology offers the best flexibility and maximum security with the following advantages:

  • Maintaining flexibility in the temperature range from -55ºc 105ºc’y
  • Outstanding oil resistance
  • Very good collection features
  • Exceptional abrasion
  • Beldflex® mat has an original appearance
  • Long lasting

French Braid®
Belden’s French Braid® mesh offers more flexibility and flex life of traditional organizations. At the same time, reduce noise levels that occur in the cable.

Easy and Convenient trim
compared to standard mesh, Belden’s French Braid® more shielding protection (> 98%), provides enhanced flex life and minimal meat with that terminated on ease of structural integrity.

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