TV & Satellite-TV Distribution over Fiber Optics

Optical Transmitter, Receiver, Optical Amplifier, Splitter, Optical LNB, GPON Distribution System

Fiber Optic Transmitters

Televes T.0X Series

Comprehensive range of Point to Point FO transmitters that convert the RF signal processed by a headend (47 – 2200 MHz) into a distortion-free optical signal for distribution over fibre (1310 or 1550 nm).

  • Converts the complete frequency band of 47 – 2200 MHz into FO
  • Optical output power up to 10 dBm
  • High energy efficiency
  • State LED of the optical output signal
  • Alarm (optical level below the minimum input level)

233306 – T.0X Optical Transmitter 47-2200 MHz 1310nm 6dBm

233311 – T.0X Optical Transmitter 47-2200 MHz 1310nm 10dBm

234305 – T.0X Optical Transmitter 47-2200 MHz 1550nm 5dBm

Fiber Optic Receivers

Televes T.0X Series

Convert the FO signal back to RF to distribute over a coaxial distribution system. Ref. 2336 also allows FO transmission through the return channel.

  • Multi-window input (1200 to 1600 nm)
  • Wide input dynamic range (from -10 to 6 dBm)
  • Maximum level of the RF output: 114 dBuV for MATV/117 dBuV for SAT IF
  • Regulator to adjust the optical signal and prevent it from degrading the RF output (in case of a excessive optical power level)
  • State LED of the optical input signal
  • Alarm relay (if the optical level go down the minimumlevel)

2335 – FO Receiver without Return CH.

2336 – Optical Fiber receiver with return path

Fiber Optic Receivers

Televes 2311 Series

Ref. 2311,231110 and 231111 have been designed as compact domestic devices tor MATV and SMATV over FO systems.

Ref. 2311 is prepared to be used as a receiver in SMATV systems and provides a stable RF output signal thanks to its Automatic Gain Control.

Ref. 231110 and 231111 have been designed to MATV systems and provide a stable RF output regardless of the optical input power* using its OLC feature (Optical Losses Control) at the optical input. They also provide a C/N over 50 dB and an average consumption of only 1.7W.

2311 – Self adjusting optical receiver

231110 – Domestic fibre optic receiver with OLC

231111 – Domestic fibre optic receiver, 1550nm, with OLC

Outdoor Fiber Optic Receivers

Televes 2310 Series

Cable operator oriented nodes and optical receivers, that feature optional remote powering and high power output signal (more than 110dBµV for two outputs). They incorporate attenuation, equalization and controllers to adapt the output signal to the of the coaxial network characteristics.

  • Incorporate an OLC (Optical Level Control), to automatically regulate the parameters to obtain an even output level, regardless of the channel load.
  • High output signal level, low consumption (16.5 W max) and improved C/N.
  • Two remote-powered output signals.
  • 116 dBµV output level for one signal and 112 dBµV for two signals.

2310 – Outdoor type Fiber Optic Node

Fiber Optic Receivers

Televes Fiberkom series Mininodes with OLC

Cable operator oriented nodes and optical receivers for FTTB / FTTH applications.

Nowadays, cable operators are adapting their installations to distribute services using fibre optics. These installations use DOCSIS protocols to provide bidirectional distribution of the data, and DVB-C to transmit  television signals.

Televes’ optical mininodes operate as a bridge between the former coaxial and the new optical networks, translating the optical signals from the backbone to RF signals to be transmitted over coaxial up to the user’s modem and the other way around.

Our range of FiberKom  includes units which operate in different return channel bands and/or modules that comprise one or two fibres: the choice of the unit will depend on the operator’s requirements.

238001 – CATV mininode with OLC

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