Project Description

Belden Hook-up & Lead Wire

Rubber and plastic insulated, single-conductor hook-up and lead wire products are designed for reliable and consistent performance. For your quality assurance needs, these components are built to comply with rigid industry and government specifications.

In lead wire manufacturing, Belden controls the entire operation, turning process copper rod into tinned copper wire strands, mixing plastic and formulating rubber for conductor insulations. Trust Belden to deliver industry quality and consistency for your wire needs.

  • Quality assurance through ISO-certified manufacturing facilities

  • Wide product portfolio which meets or exceeds UL and CSA standards

  • Unparalleled performance backed by an industry-leading 10 year warranty for no additional cost

  • Rubber formulation and plastic mixing facilities allow complete control of the product from start to finish

  • Variety of colors and constructions available off the shelf, plus technical support to assist with custom applications

  • Belden is a rare manufacturer with the ability to draw and anneal its own conductors, allowing us to ensure signal integrity and proper physical characteristics.

Voltage Temperature Rating Type of Hook-Up Wire Technical Data
300V 80°C PVC  Download
90°C Neoprene  Download
105°C Cholrosufonated Polyethlene (CSPE)  Download
XL-DUR  Download
200°C TFE  Download
600V 80°C Direct Burial  Download
90°C Neoprene  Download
SIS  Download
105°C CSPE  Download
PPO  Download
PVC  Download
125°C EPDM  Download
XL-DUR  Download
150°C EPDM  Download
Silicone Rubber, Braidless  Download
Silicone Rubber, Glass Braid  Download
Silicone Rubber, Mercury Switch Wire  Download
XL-DUR  Download
200°C Silicone Rubber, Braidless  Download
Silicone Rubber, Glass Braid  Download
1000V 80°C PVC  Download
5000V 105°C CSPE  Download
7500V 150°C EPDM  Download
17000 – 40000V 80°C High Voltage Leads  Download
5000V 80°C Test Prod Wire  Download
90°C Test Prod Wire  Download
10000V 90°C Test Prod Wire  Download
200°C Magnet Wire  Download
Shielding and Bonding  Download
Bus Bar Wire  Download
Antenna Wire  Download
Wire Dispenser Kits  Download

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