Engineering, Service, Calibration, Training

Narda Factory Calibration

All Narda products have to be calibrated every 2 years.

In the original factory calibration, the deviation processing unit after the procedure, to be corrected of the value shown on the display is provided. This is done when saving the correct value is multiplied by the correction factor indicated in the report of the calibration value measurements that are displayed after each measurement, reporting, it must be the memory.

Narda all exports of the original factory calibration, transportation, insurance, we realize the import process.

Repair Service

Warranty and non-warranty of all devices we sell we realize our own manufacturer for repair or service process, we have contacts with companies sending.

Narda devices, only repair devices that are produced in factories in pomegranate and calibrated. Narda does not provide any service and calibration rights organizations all over the world. Therefore, all Narda sent abroad to service devices.

Service operations are carried out in our own facilities for other devices will be sent to the manufacturer, if required.

All necessary official procedures under the temporary export regime for overseas submissions are performed by us.

IPTV System Installation

The installation of IPTV equipment, not uncommon in Turkey ‘streaming video’ requires knowledge and experience.Therefore, after the optional mounting for IPTV products we realized sales installation, configuration, commissioning and provide operational support.

After sales support we provide businesses with remote access for free for 1 year. You want to bid for other operations.


NARDA User Training

We provide optional user training for Narda products. Device usage trainings are given in Turkish by our own employees.

Narda’s electromagnetic field measurements on advanced technology training company electromagnetic field analysis by experts in Germany several times a year, is held in English and German. interpreters in Turkey the group private training organizations can be possible.

Fiber Optic Splicing and Testing Training

In our company we organize and adding optical fiber to fiber optic measurement training regularly. 1 day post-training participants in the use of fiber-optic lines and additional devices Powermetre, he has learned and OTD measurement by laser welding devices.

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