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                                         75 Ohm Coaxial Cables

                                                   75 Ohm broadband distribution; for  cable-TV and satellite antenna systems

 bilgi1_25 75 Ohm antenna cable and satellite TV comparison table Belden

CATV network evolution over the last decade has become a full service network passing by. The initial charges, with TV broadcasts only unidirectional fiber coaxial cable network as well as a largely replaced the main artery of optical cable, we know the end sections are replaced by coaxial cable.

with the development of technology and equipment, such as broadband cable internet and bi-directional communication over the network access phone service it has become possible. characteristics of coaxial cable has been developed over the years. This is because bandwidth is not only required by the increased TV channels; also it is used increasingly in the ascending order of reception for the satellite dish. With increasing amount of underground cables, shielding and fire safety it has also gained more attention. today both in Belden, both to meet the needs of tomorrow’s coaxial cable, coaxial cable has a balanced product portfolio. data in the business environment, voice and video over years is in a process of integration.
developments in laying cable for housing has begun recently. The monopoly of the tremendous flow of information is no longer limited only office environment; Many families are increasingly enter the house. Many home phone calls, TV broadcast and data communications over different networks still occur across, it stands out more in the eye of the complexity of the solution.

Belden’s coax cables and hybrid cables with twisted pair based on their relevant experience, we have developed with twisted-pair cable for computer network meets the needs of today being laid on the network only once, and housing. For more details, refer to CATV catalog.

Physical foam coaxial cable
, coaxial cables are usually formed from the already chemically foamed inner conductor and is very sensitive to moisture. Articulated produce cables having optimal insulation through hardening. The extrusion process of insulating material (polyethylene) is mixed with inert nitrogen gas by using advanced manufacturing techniques. The result is the most suitable international quality standards, physically remove an inner insulating foam.

The most important advantages of the physically foamed sealant include:
Moisture resistance
Water resistance
mechanical strengths
at least stable up to 3 GHz attenuation
thinner, more flexible and easier to lay cables.

Standard IEC 68-2, section describes a high-humidity heat test 3. Obtained results indicate the effect of moisture. High humidity heat test at the next cable attenuation value should be compared to pre-test values ​​have increased by more than 5%. You’ll see the test results for the following two graphs Belden’s physical and chemical foaming cables:

Physical Foam, Foam Against Chemical:

Halogen coaxial cable is suitable for our most important international standards:
Material:  HD 624 
Ignition:  IEC 60332-1, -2 or 3C 
rust:  HD 602

This offers considerable compared to halogenated products deemed benefits:  less distortion of the image, minimizing the toxic gases, not removed the abrasiveness of high acid, human nature and the material terms of more security.

Belden Wire & Cable Shielding Options:

Duofoil  (double-sided foil / braid)
This screen type, a laminated type of foil / film / foil which is made of a double-sided foil with Duofoil is composed of different types and a screen mesh frequency.

Duobond II  (glued to the inner conductor foil / braid)
This screen type, the inner conductor to the outer surface  bonded  double-sided  foil  is formed and organizations. Glued foil shield provides 100% coverage and maximum protection sheath. Pushing back the foil seal technique, eliminates the ride in the cable simplifies cable termination and the moisture keeps dirt from the inner portion into the perforation of the sheath. Belden foil is glued to the invention. In addition to the foil tape as protection against external electromagnetic influence and power to increase the voltage  in the frequency of different types and it has a mesh screen.

Duobond III (Tri-Shield)  (foil / braid / foil layer as the third screen)
This screen configuration glued foil Duobond II includes another circumferential Duofoil addition to the design layer. Duofoil a kind of laminated foil / film / foil,. This extra foil layer of the tri-shield while improving the shielding property, creates an additional barrier against external electromagnetic influences.

Duobond Plus  ( foil / braid / foil layer as the third screen,  the folding of the outer foil)
Duobond Plus, foil tape and a braid circumference of Duobond II also occurs than an outer foil layer. This outer metal foil layer som showing the effect of a transmission medium unique  folding and short the circuit has a layout.
This overlay short-circuit arrangement, double sided foil of the metal layer on both sides of the cable by providing perfect contact with each other improves high frequency performance. This also prevents the folding of the signal input and output by drilling a hole on the screen. In addition, connected to the outer foil envelope is facilitated, thereby robbing connector. Duobond Plus is an Articulated invention.

Duobond IV (Quad shield)  (foil / braid / foil / braid 4 times shielded)
Duobond IV foil / braid / foil (Tri-Shield) provides a four-layer shielding by adding a second web layer design. Duobond IV with an extra layer of wire mesh leading to increased strength and durability.

Product Portfolio:
All Belden CATV coaxial cable is suitable to European and international quality and safety standards. Products are designed according to international standards IEC1196 Radio Frequency Cable and European EN50117 standards.
If you can not find the product you need in our catalog, according to you Belden (special production) offers cable options. Here, different structures, sheath color, material, etc. You can choose between.

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