Project Description

Belden Interbus-S Cable

Interbus-S is a serial bus, master/slave fieldbus communication system developed by Phoenix Contact to transmit data between control systems (PCs, PLCs, VMEbus computers, robot controllers, etc.) and distributed I/O modules which communicate with sensors and actuators/switches.

Interbus-S Remote Bus cable contains three twisted-pairs with a single, common shield for communications only, no power. Installation Remote Bus cable is similar to Remote Bus cable, except that it contains three additional conductors for supplying communications power (up to 4.5 amps) to various devices.

  • Easy installation and start up

  • Increased space savings

  • High efficiency

  • Automatic configuration capability

  • Smallest protocol chips in fieldbus technology

  • Low protocol overhead

AWG Number of Elements Part Number Tech Data Sheet
24 3 Pair 3119A Download
24 + 18 3 Pair + 3 Conductor 3120A Download

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