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electromagnetic radiation (emr), spectrum analysis, interference analysis and signal detection, fiber optics, satellite TV, cable TV, terrestrial TV, IPTV, audio/video broadcasting

30 years of experience in electronic test & measuring equipment in Turkey with focus on communications electronics, user training, technical service, calibration services. Supply of test & measuring equipment worlwide from our distribution centers in Turkey and in Germany. Please check our online shopping website.

Main brands, product types

EMR Electromagnetic Radiation Measurement
EMR Monitoring
Spectrum, Signal, Interference Analysis
Microwave Measurement

Broadband Electromagnetic Field (EMR) Meter
Selective Electromagnetic Fields (EMR) Meter
Electromagnetic Field Monitoring System
Spectrum Analyzer
Interference Analyzer and Location Finding


Satellite-TV, Cable-TV, Terresrial TV Analysis
RF Test and Measurement
Fiber Optic Test and Measurement
AF Test and Measurement
Training Kits

TV and Satellite Field Strength Meter
Cable-TV Test and Measurement
TV Pattern Generator
Fiber Optic OTDR
Fiber Optic Spectrum Analyzer
Fiber Optic Power Meter
Fiber Optic Laser Source
Visible Light Source
Spectrum Analyzer
Function Generator
RF Signal Generator
Logic Analyzer
Digital Multimeter
RLC Meter
Electronic Test Set for Technical Education Institutions
DC Power Supply

Fiber Optic Test and Measurement

Fiber Optic OTDR
Fiber Optic Power Meter
Fiber Optic Laser Source
Fiber Optic Multimeter
Visible Light Source

DVB Signal Production, Recording, Analysis
MPEG Playout, Recording, Analysis
SDI Playout, Recording, Analysis

Transport Stream Analysis
Transport Stream Playout
SDI Waveform Monitoring. SD/HD/3G-SDI Analysis and Monitoring
Transport Stream Monitoring
RF Monitoring and Analysis
Elementary Stream and Video Quality Analysis
HEVC (H.265) Offline Video Analysis

DC Power Supplies, Electronic Loads

Multi-output Power Supply Type
Multi Function Power Supply Type Dropper
Dropper Type Power Supply
Multi Function Type Switching Power Supply
Hybrid Type Power Supply
Electronic Load

DVB Playout, recording, analysis
MPEG Playout, recording, analysis
DVB-T2 Range Determination

4T2 Broadcast Multi Probe
4T2 Portable
4T2 Rack
4T2 Content Analyser
T2 Coverage Analysis

DAB + Monitoring and Analysis

OBSERVA Field Monitor
OBSERVA Multiplex Supervisor

Video Quality Control

Quales Software

RF Test and Measurement

Laboratory Spectrum Analyzer

3 GHz (Promax AE-166 / AE-167)
3 GHz (Promax AE-366 B)
3 GHz (Promax AE-966)

Spectrum Analyzer System

2.5 GHz (Narda NRA 2500)
3 GHz (Narda NRA 3000 RX)
6 GHz (Narda NRA 6000 RX)

Signal Analysis, Transmitter Location Detection

Narda IDA
Narda IDA-2
Narda SignalShark

Fiber Optic Test and Measurement

Optical Power Metre

850 … 1625 nm PowerMeter
FTTH 1310/1490/1550 nm selective PowerMeter

Laser Light Source

1310/1550 nm singlemode laser source at
1310/1490/1550 nm FTTH Laser Source
Visible Light Source

Optical Multimeter

PowerMeter and Visible Light Source (PACIFIC PA-3310)


32/30 dB – 1310/1550 nm OTDR
24 dB – 1310/1550 nm OTDR
38/37/37 dB – 1310/1550/1625 nm OTDR
37 dB – 1625 nm OTDR

FTTH Devices

FTTH Analyzer
FTTH-GPON Power Meter
FTTH 1310/1490/1550 nm for the selective powermeter
1310/1490/1550 nm FTTH Laser Source

Electromagnetic Field Test and Measurement

EMR Meters

Narda NBM-550
Narda NBM-520
Narda SRM-3006
Narda EHP-50F
Narda ELT-400

Continuous Monitoring

Narda AMB-8059
Narda AMS-8061

Personal Protection

Narda Radman
Narda Nardalert NS3

Electromagnetic Fields (EMR) Mapping

EMR Field Strength Mapping
GSM Power Range Mapping

Microwave Measurement

Narda 8230

Satellite TV, Cable TV, Terrestrial TV Test and Measurement

Satellite / Cable / Terrestrial TV Field Strength Meter

DVB-S/S2 Analyzer
DVB-T/T2 Analyzer
DVB-C/C2 Analyzer
2.4 GHZ WLAN Analyzer
IPTV Analyzer

Distributing the complete product range of the world leader in DVB Analyzers PROMAX, since 1989 in Turkey.

Coverage Mapping

PAL Analogue TV Coverage
DVB-T / T2 Range
FM Range
DAB + Coverage

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