Professional Broadcasting, DVB, MPEG, ASI, SDI, IP

Belden cable TV studios. Turkey’s widest selection of products for live transmission over the Internet. Professional broadcast center equipment. test and measurement equipment related to broadcasting. dektec MPEG, AS, SDU processing technology. DVEO broadcast servers.

live broadcast transmission over the Internet

Television broadcast over the Internet as much as possible, using low-capacity will be Turkey’s most extensive range of products for the transmission of the highest quality, wide application experience.

Economic and widely used IRENIS IPTV encoders from the world’s most expensive product ıntınor up rich options.

H.265 encoding with quality broadcast transmission at 1 Mbps.

Dozers technology with application examples can be used to access the internet even the professional satellite uplinks.

BLANKOM and TV broadcasting products DVEO

  • L-Band inputs professional IRD and IPTV,
  • ASI and IP encoder (encoder)
  • ASI and DVB modulator (H.264 or MPEG-2)
  • transcoder,
  • BISS encoders (encoder)
  • Published record, playout devices,
  • Advertising playout server,
  • IP media server,
  • Headend multiswitch

PROMAX and DEKTEC test, measurement, monitoring

  • RF, IP test and measurement
  • RF, ASI, SDI, IP analysis, playout, recording
  • 12G-SDI speeds of up to 4K processing

the worldwide leader in the cable TV broadcasting and studio: BELDEN

  • Since 1999, Belden’s all cables with competitive prices and delivery times
  • Many products delivered from stock
  • Belden cable in desired length sale
  • Original Belden HDTV, cameras, Triax connectors connection cables
  • Articulated BNC cable preparation desired length
  • connector Belden

IP transformation of the infrastructure of media organizations

  • All equipment needed for conversion from RF to IP
  • Hybrit RF and IP systems units
  • broad experience
  • Affordable prices, favorable conditions, short delivery time

Internet Live Broadcast Transmission
Streamer IPTV
IPTV Set-Top Box
HDMI / SDI Converter

DVB and IPTV Technology

DVB-S2/T2 Modülatör
DVB/IP Gateway
IPTV Enkoder
Headend Multiswitch

DVB and IPTV Technology

IPTV Media Server
IPTV Registration System
Live Broadcast Transmission in Error Correction
Advertising and Banner Server
IPTV Encoder
DVB / IP Gateway


PCI, PCIe, USB Capture Unit
DVB, ASI and SDI Interface Unit
IP Interface Units
DVB-S / S2, DVB-T / T2, DVB-C / C2 test modulators
Test Receivers
MPEG Analysis
4K recording, playback
Broadcast Quality Monitoring (Monitoring)
mosaic Generator


Test and Measurement

Test and Measurement
DVB and IPTV Field Strength Meter
DVB IPTV Monitoring and
DVB-T2 Modulator

Live Broadcast Transmission Over the Internet

The encoder and streamer for transmission via Interneter ve Streamer

IRENIS portable type or 19-inch casing in the headend encoder (encoder) and IP flow (streamer) devices

HDMI, SDI, CVBS varieties
1080p (60Hz) up to HD resolution options
Unicast or Multicast
supports all common streaming protocols
Simultaneous 2 (or 3) can produce streams of different formats
Stable operation, high quality signal,
long-lasting and durable construction,
365 days suitable to work 24 hours

IPTV Set-Top Box
IRENIS 6500+

Receiver IPTV
unicast and multicast IPTV receives all common
HEVC (H.264) also receives the encoded broadcast
1080p Full HD
HDMI, S / PDIF audio output

Internet, Metroethernet line in bug fixes


error correction system against packet loss in transmission broadcast live over the Internet. DVEO patented.

arql Link: ARQ featured encoders and decoders pair LOADER
LOADER ARQ LIC: Encoders, CDNs, only licenses for mobile devices and STBs
FEC COP 3 or SMPTE 2022


IP encoder, Relay Router Protocol Converter System

INTIER, IP streaming over the internet network system

Which can spread to the whole world, being used by global publications and news organizations, multi-threaded IP broadcast transmission system

At the same time collect the live broadcast from different locations, changing its protocols to transfer to different locations and publications. the most advanced applications of video-over-IP technology.

HEVC compatible equipment for live transmission via satellite

Minicast Ka-Band antenna aerial
Minicast Ka-Band portable antenna
HEVC (H.265) encoder and streamer
HEVC (H.265) Set-Top Box

HDTV Video, Audio, Camera, Microphone Cables

HDTV Video, Audio, Camera, Microphone cable

Coaxial video (HDTV)
Twisted video (Videotwist)
Analog Audio
Digital Audio (AES / EBU)
Microphone and Musical Instruments
Camera (Triax)
Camera (Fiber Optic)

from stock or with short delivery times. You can pick up the cut with models of meters used widely.

HDTV Video, Audio, Camera, Microphone cable

Belden Belden 1505F flexible and original HD video cable with BNC connectors are preparing compression type you want on your order the perfect video extension cable length.

Belden 1505F flexible HD video cable:  pdf

4K UHD Cable


4K UHD Kablo

4K UHD Cable
4K UHD Cable
4K UHD installation cables with BNC connector intermediate the two ends of cables

Quad link, dual link and single link cables

model can carry 4K @ 60Hz

Bandwidth up to 12 Gbps

IPTV Headend Equipment and Infrastructure for Broadcasting Organizations

IPTV equipment required for all IP transformation of broadcast organizations

Satellite → IP DVB / IP Gateway
ASI → IP: ASI / IP Gateway
SDI → IP: IP Encoder
IP → IP: Transcoder
IP → AS: IP / ASI Gateway
IP → HDMI: IPTV Set- Top Box
Transport Stream (TS) analysis
TS player software
TS multiplexer software
IP monitoring and mosaic screen
IPTV Field Strength Meter to
GigE IP PCIe card for PC
Cables and wiring material.

Local IPTV Broadcast Center
(DVB / IP gateway)

Satellite input IP output, devices that convert the satellite broadcast IPTV

It receives from the satellite television broadcasts, data rates and formats to convert your changing IP. Bandwidth without restrictions, local-area network (LAN) alone on the IPTV system, used in conjunction with the transcoder system IPTV broadcast over the Internet.

For local-distribution encoder on a Network

IRENIS 19-inch encoder (encoder) and IP flow (streamer) devices

HDMI, SDI input types
1080p (60Hz) up to HD resolution options
Unicast or Multicast
supports all common streaming protocols
Simultaneous 2 (or 3) can produce streams of different formats
Stable operation, high quality signal,
long-lasting and durable construction,
365 days, 24 hours according to the study

IPTV Medya Server

DVEO Atlas Media Servers
HTTP, HLS unicast broadcast. Apple iOS and Android mobile devices monitoring, MultiScreen

Add a banner to display server for IPTV

DVEO Servers
Transcoding / rescaling featured Playout servers, display advertising insertion system, when live display advertising come automatically switching feature

Encoder, Transcoders, Modulator, Professional IRD

IPTV Profesyonel IRD
IRENIS IRD 6000, IRD 6100

IRENIS -6100
series broadcast quality IRD series
IPTV and DVB-S / S2 input
IPTV and DVB-T / T2 input (option)
IPTV and DVB-C input (option)

Class Broadcast Encoder
IP and ASI output

IRENIS 19-inch encoder (encoder) devices

HDMI, SDI, CVBS kinds of
IP and ASI output
MPEG-2 or H.264 encoding
BISS encryption (optional)
to transfer over local networks and MetroEthernet, according to the transmitter supply
steady work, good quality signal,
long-lasting and durable construction,
365g of 24 hours work appropriate

TV Broadcast archiving system

DVEO Servers
delayed tracking application, Publication archiving, reading back from the archive


IP input, IP output HD and SD transcoder models

H.264, MPEG2 and HEVC (H.265) that transforms the coding, capable of reducing the requested bit rate, which can handle a plurality of simultaneous broadcast, complete professional devices which can change the transport layer protocols. DVEO products are manufactured in the USA.

ASI, SDI Capture (Capture), Recording (Recording), Playback (Playout)

Broadcast engineer of indispensable new
Standards of broadcast professionals all over the world dektec DTI-245B ASI-SDI input from USB adapter. Hardware and firmware structure renovated B model now on sale.

TS and SDI analysis and player software with a standard notebook MPEG analyzer, waveform monitor, can convert to playout and recording devices.

HD-SDI capture (capture) new
SD, HD and 3G-SDI laptop computer analysis of the broadcast, recording.
Waveform monitor your laptop, you can use the recorder.
USB 3.0 connection

4K UHD 3G-SDI Capture Card

DekTec DTA-2179

DekTec DTA 2179

12 3G-SDI / ASI input / output, PCIe connection. 12 ASI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI port. 4K Ultra HD compatible capture card.

Scope of application:

Live broadcast mixer. All HD-SDI camera input with 10 immaculate single main output organize, to give as HD-SDI.
Multiple viewer (the Multiview) . Compressed (ASI) and uncompressed (SD) Multiple viewer comprising a mixture of the inputs. Hardware scaler, enables management of the PCIe bus load.
Any software application that requires a lot of input: image processing, virtual reality, high-profile security and so on.

4K Baseband Register


4K baseband sdi kayıt

Using standard PC hardware and affordable 4K SDI baseband recording is now possible.

Island Village and dektec transport stream and the new version of the software used to record SD signals VF VF-REC-REC v3 announced.

Monitoring, Analysis, Test and Measurement

Satellite TV Field Strength Meter Sahametr to

PROMAX RANGER Neo 2 IPTV Field Strength Meter
PROMAX RANGER Neo 3 IPTV Field Strength Meter

TV Field Strength Meter and all models of the undisputed world leader in TV Analyzer PROMAX, the representative of Turkey since 1989 with the support PROTEL

MPEG Stream Analysis

Dektec StreamXpert software, hardware IP interface with the dektec

Broadcast Monitoring (Monitoring)

Dektec Xpect Software,c  IP interface with the hardware dektec

DVB ASI, SDI, IP Layer Analysis Published

IRENIS IPTV analysis and monitoring system for
the desired number of IPTV channels of 7.24 to be constantly monitored, any unwanted condition prior to the trigger point is formed and after the registration, alarms, consequently, provides online and offline analysis.

H.265 (HEVC), 4K UHD, 12G-SDI, DVB-T2, DAB + Equipment

12G-SDI (single coax cable 4K)

  • HD –   1.5Gb/s (720p-1080i)
  • 2K – 3 Gb / s (1080p)
  • QFHD – 6 Gb / s (3840 × 2160)
  • 4K – 12Gb / s (4086 × 2160) 

BELDEN 4K transport on single Coax

DEKTEC 4K capture and playout on single BNC

4K UHD encoder (and decoder)

Real-time Linux-based 4K Ultra HD 4: 2: 2 and 4: 2: 0, 4 live input H.265 / HEVC or H.264 HD-SDI encoder and decoder is fully compatible.

Encoder / Streamer in 6G SDI input and ASI and IP outputs.

ASI and IP input decoder, 6G SDI output.

  • DAB + Broadcast Systems
    Data Server
    ETI-EDI Interface Converter
    Audio (Audio) Codecs
    DAB + Monitoring and Analysis Products
    Dab + Shmetre
    DAB + multiplex Controller
    Break-in DAB + Voice System for Road Tunnels
    Audio (Audio) Processor
    NICAM Encoder

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