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  • HDMI Daisy Chain
  • HDMI Extender
  • HDMI fiber Optic
  • HDMI Installation Accessories
  • HDMI Cable
  • Active HDMI Cable
  • HDMI Cable attachable
  • HDMI Converter
  • HDMI Matrix Switchers
  • HDMI Meterware Cable
  • HDMI Scaler
  • HDMI Signal amplifier
  • HDMI Test Equipment
  • HDMI Switch
  • HDMI Splitter
  • HDMI Wall boxes
  • HDMI Wireless
  • DisplayPort Adapter
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  • DisplayPort Distribution
  • DisplayPort Cable
  • DVI Adapter
  • DVI Extender
  • DVI Converter
  • DVI Matrix Switchers
  • DVI Signal amplifier
  • DVI Switcher
  • DVI Splitter
  • SDI Converter
  • VGA Extender
  • VGA Converter
  • VGA Switcher
  • Daisy Chain Extender
  • EDID Manager
  • Fiber Optic Extender
  • Fiber optic cables
  • HDBaseT Extender
  • HDMI Audio Extractor
  • HDMI IP Extender
  • Field attachable connector HDMI
  • Modular crossbars
  • Multiformat Extender
  • Presentation Switcher
  • Connection Panels (modular)
  • Locking HDMI Cable
  • VGA converter
  • Video Wall Controller
  • WallPlates
PURELINK develops, manufactures and markets digital connectivity products. PURELINK is manufacturer and distributor of quality related products in the field of professional presentation and media technology.

IRENIS is the worldwide supplier of high-quality and reliable Broadband- and Broadcasting Equipment, DVB, IPTV, OTT and Video-over-IP solutions with 28 years of experience on broadband and rf communications systems, DVB solutions, IPTV technology.

Because of legal issues of brand registration, PureLink GmbH products are being offered to the Turkish domestic market under the brand IRENIS-PURELINK.

Pure Install Series HDMI, DVI, DisplayLink

Guaranteed and certified PureLink® quality at an excellent price-performance ratio. Discover the Secure Lock System ™

Ultimate Series ™ HDMI with Ultra-Lock system

Safety lock for HDMI connections. The innovative and patented design locks the plug securely in the socket.

Pure Install, Ultimate Series ™

Purelink HDMI

Premium quality multimedia cables:

PI1000 HDMI cable
PI1200 mini HDMI cable
PI1300 micro HDMI cable
PI2000 HDMI cable (active)
ULS2000 HDMI cable (lockable)
PS2000 HDMI cable (DIY)

PI4000 DVI cable (single-link)
PI4200 DVI cable (dual link)

PI5000 DisplayPort cable

IS 1000 mini DP/Thunderbolt cable

FiberX series

Purelink Fiberx

Wide choice of fiber multimedia cables:

FX-D120 DVI Extender (multi-mode)
FX1050 DVI Extender (single-mode)
FX1400 HDMI Extender (multi-mode)
FX1450 HDMI Extender (single-mode)
FX-P120 DVI pigtail Ext. (Multi-mode)
FX-P220 DP pigtail Ext. (Multi-mode)
FX-P320 HDMI Pigtail Ext. (Multi)
FX-I240 DisplayPort via Fiber Cable
FX-I340 HDMI via Fiber Cable
FX-I330 4K HDMI AOC Fiber Cable
FX-LC cable (multimode)
FX-SC cable (multi-mode)

HDMI Cable

High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet Channel

His massive, tinned copper inner conductor and the triple shielding for best possible signal transmission – up to 15 meters cable length even in full 1080p resolution. Larger distances of up to 45 meters can be bridged by the use of our HDMI Extender.

Pure Install / PureID Wall Plates

Purelink Wall Plates

Wall Plates of PureID series – Individually equipped on AV signal transmission with style. High flexibility through individual assembly

ID-WP-FRAME-1 (two inserts)
ID-WP-FRAME-2 (five appearances)
PureID series – connection aperture
ID-WP-COVER blind cover
ID-WP-MOD-ET – Ethernet
ID-WP-MOD-AU – Audio LR + Volume
ID-WP-MOD-VG – VGA + Audio
ID-WP-MOD-RC – Audio Video RCA
ID-WP-MOD RB – Y / Pr / Pb RCA



Pure Tools Series Extenders:
PT-E-HD01R HDMI 15m (receiver)
PT-E-HD05R HDMI 60m (receiver)
PT-E-HD10 HDMI 60m (Cat)
PT-E-HD50 HDMI 100m (HDBaseT)
PT-E-HD60 HDMI 80m 4K @ 60
PT-E-DV30 DVI 100m (HDBaseT)
PT-E-VG20 VGA 330m

Luxi Presenter
LU-RPR-110CR receiver (HDMI)
LU-TPR-110CR transmitter (HDMI)
LU-TPR-150CR transmitter (multi-format)

HDTools series
PRO F1 HDMI fiber 300m (4K)

Wireless HDMI Extenders

Wireless HDMI Extender

ProSpeed Series
WHD030-V2 Wireless HDMI 10m

Cinema Series
CSW100 Wireless HDMI 30m
CSW300 Wireless HDMI 100m

Multimedia Matrix Switchers

PureMedia Multimedia Matrix Switch

Pure Media series modular matrix switchers:

PRO-PM-8X (8×8)
PRO-PM-16X (16×16)
PRO-PM-32X (32×32)
PRO-PM-48X (48×48)
PRO-PM-64X (64×64)
PRO-PM-80X (80×80)
PRO-PM-128X (128×128)
PRO-PM-180X (180×180)
PRO-PM-256X (256×256)

Daisy Chain Presentation System

Daisy Chain Presentation System

Instead of a traditional, centralized structure use the Presenter ™ a flexible, scalable and decentralized distribution system that is, by cascading several Presenter ™ transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) via a Cat.6 cable can be easily and quickly adapted to the system requirements.

With only two articles (transmitter and receiver) you solve so many of the problems of today’s AV installations with a simple ” out-of-the-box “solution.

  • Ideal for conference rooms
  • Only 1 Cat.6 UTP cable (550MHz, AVG23 / 24) between 2 units
  • Daisy Chain: 18 Gbps bandwidth / 6 Feeds – The HDMI Feed max. 9 Gbps
  • Signals are transmitted practically unlimited length


You can purchase all IRENIS-PURELINK equipment from us FCA Germany, FCA Turkey or C&F to your country by express courier service.

We provide 1 year original PURELINK GmbH warranty, valid worlwide.

Consult us for more information.
Contact our experts for technical details and product selection support.