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BLANKOM was founded in 1919 as a German technology company, having developed and manufactured high-quality, modern, innovative TV headend systems.

BLANKOM® is one of the most rooted brands of Germany in the antenna headend solutions sector.

BLANKOM® is a well known brand with its quality and durability not only in Germany, but in more than 50 countries worlwide with its local distributors.

  • 4.generation SBL (Smart Business Line) series compact headend
  • 3 different series of SMATV, CATV and terrestrial-TV headend systems
  • Professional coaxial CATV network components
  • Professional fiber optic (FTTC and FTTH) CATV network components
  • Sat-IF home network components
  • IPTV systems for MSO, telco’s and cable-tv operators
  • Hospitality IPTV systems
  • Streamers, gateways for IPTV over LAN applications

Blankom product range is being renewed!


The new Blankom® Professional Headend Equipment product range will be launched on May 1, 2017.

There will be a wide choice of IPTV, DVB-C and DVB-T Headend Units with up-to-date features.

All new items will be in 19″ rack format and will have web-browser control access over LAN & WAN.

PROTEL is the regional distributor of Blankom® products for Turkey and the Middle East. Country distributorship enquiries are welcome.